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Our modular speed breakers are highly reliable and durable, commonly known as speed humps or speed bumps, or rumble strips. They are used to reduce and control the speed limit of the vehicles. Made of sturdy plastic (ABS), these bumps offer high resistance to severe impact. The interlocking grip design allows it to behave like one single bump. It have UV stabilizers and acrylic reflectors for better visibility.

They are provided with excellent materials and high performance. You can find out more by reaching out to us. Bionic Safety is the largest speed breaker manufacturer in India and is trusted worldwide. We are highly qualified with our quality and are great road safety delineator sellers. Our company is experienced in road safety equipment supplies. We provide great deals with high-quality road safety equipment for our esteemed clients.


  • Available in black and yellow combination for greater visibility.
  • Pre colored material, does not require painting.
  • all segments can be purchased separately.
  • UV, moisture and temperature resistant.
  • flexible to suit any size of road.


  • Reduce speed-related accidents.
  • Speed control without the need for people.
  • Anti skid bottom with rubber padding helps in better grip.

Bionic safety is specialized in road safety equipment’s and strategically designs their speed breakers that provide required safety on road. The company is well worse and trusted. We are also the largest road safety equipment sellers as well as road safety equipment manufacturers. Our products are designed in such a manner that makes us the greatest road safety equipment distributors. Bionicsafety is the oldest road safety equipment supplier in India with an experience of 40 years and deal with trusted and reliable dealers and are known for our reputation. Our products meet the road and highway safety requirements along with good serviced employees and quality content.

Looking for road safety and traffic equipment either for the public’s interest or for your own personal security? Please visit our site and do check out our products and let us know which one is best suitable for you. Feel free to reach us out anytime for further information and assistance. We only offer the best, and we hope to be your long-term, reliable business partner and service provider!