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Epoxy Resin Light box with LED has achieved a leading position in the character of the materials and techniques. LED Signages are the combination of Epoxy Resins, resin films and micro RGB led light source with Stainless Steel body. Our specialization in LED Signages are: Channel Letters, Way Finding Pictograph, SS Acrylic Letters.

The led epoxy resin park signage could be the best choice for architectural signage on your buildings, provides illuminated standard, reverse-lit and open-faced channel letters. Using LED or neon, lighting can be face-lit, back-lit for silhouette effects or front-lit with a halo effect.

 It should be noticed that  for LED Signages, letter case is made of stainless steel or galvanized sheet etc. and a special kind of epoxy resin is filled in the letter case. The light transparency is even and comfortable with a high amount of brightness allowing a better optic prominence to the viewer. 


  • Channel letters catch the eye of your highly mobile customers as they pass by your locations.
  • Innovative Macromolecule liquid resin material, high brilliancy phenomenon of light point (it can provide a better view angle, low demerit and environmental protection)
  • Achieved the most evenness of lighting due to LED up-side-down lightening refraction principle (it can provide a better view angle, low demerit and environmental protection)
  • The luminous intensity reaches the level of 50-100 lux; 
  • Our product has durable performance of 50 thousand working hours which is far more than that of all kinds of neon tube and led lamp (LEDs) products


  • The colour is stable and reliable, good permeability and brightness colour allowing it to be used as warning signs or to showcase brands.
  • Superior heat resistance, long life span and high working efficiency, it can be used totally in all kinds of environment;
  • Low energy consumption and eco-friendly advantages: energy consumption is only 0.3kw/m2 per month; Scientific Design, beautiful appearance.

Bionic Safety specializes in road safety equipment, and their LED signages are strategically designed to provide the necessary road safety. Our company has 40 years of experience and we are the oldest manufacturers in India. We are also the largest road safety equipment sellers as well as road safety equipment manufacturers. Our products are designed in such a manner that makes us the greatest LED Signage and road safety equipment distributors.

We are road safety equipment suppliers and deal with trusted and reliable dealers and are known for our reputation. Our products meet the road and highway safety requirements, along with providing good service employees and quality content. We deal with the best.

Looking for road safety and traffic equipment either for the public’s interest or for your own personal security? Please visit our site and do check out our products and let us know which one is best suitable for you. Feel free to reach us out anytime for further information and assistance. We only offer the best, and we hope to be your long-term, reliable business partner and service provider!

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