Virgin Australia Ground Crew Agreement 2018

In 2018, Virgin Australia reached a new ground crew agreement with the Transport Workers Union (TWU). The agreement was designed to provide more competitive wages and benefits for the airline`s ground crew, including ramp workers and baggage handlers.

Under the new agreement, the base pay for ground crew members increased by 12%, while additional allowances and benefits were added to improve their overall compensation. This included an annual increase in leave entitlements, access to a higher level of superannuation, and improved job security provisions.

The agreement was the result of months of negotiations between Virgin Australia and the TWU, which aimed to address the concerns of ground crew members who were seeking better wages and job security. The airline acknowledged the important role that ground crew members play in ensuring the smooth operation of its flights, and the new agreement was seen as a way to attract and retain the best people in the industry.

For Virgin Australia, the new agreement was also seen as a way to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded airline market. With other airlines vying for market share, it was important for Virgin Australia to maintain a strong workforce that could deliver high-quality service to passengers.

Overall, the 2018 Virgin Australia ground crew agreement was a significant achievement for both the airline and its ground crew members. It demonstrated the value that the airline places on its employees and their important role in its success. Going forward, the agreement will serve as a benchmark for other airlines in the industry looking to provide fair and competitive compensation to their ground crew members.