Tricare Contract Cvs

TRICARE is the health care program for America`s military service members, retirees, and their families. This program provides health care coverage to millions of beneficiaries across the United States, and there are different options for people to choose from to ensure they receive the best healthcare possible.

One of the options that TRICARE beneficiaries can choose is the TRICARE Pharmacy program, which is a prescription drug program that provides beneficiaries with access to affordable medications. The program works by contracting with different pharmacies across the country, with CVS being one of the most popular pharmacy chains in the network.

For many years, CVS has been a contracted pharmacy provider for the TRICARE program. This partnership has allowed TRICARE beneficiaries to have access to a wide range of prescription medications at affordable prices, without having to travel far to get their prescriptions filled.

Recently, there has been some news regarding the TRICARE contract with CVS. In December 2020, TRICARE announced that they would be ending their contract with CVS Pharmacy as part of their ongoing efforts to improve the Pharmacy Benefits Program. The decision was made after an extensive review of the program, which found that other providers could offer similar services at a better value.

However, this does not mean that TRICARE beneficiaries are left without options. TRICARE has stated that they are working to ensure that there are alternative pharmacy providers available to beneficiaries who prefer to use CVS Pharmacy. Beneficiaries will also be able to continue using CVS Pharmacy until the contract ends on December 31, 2021.

For beneficiaries who prefer to use CVS Pharmacy, the end of the contract may be disappointing news. However, it is important to remember that TRICARE`s decision was made with the intention of improving the program and ensuring that beneficiaries have access to affordable health care options.

In conclusion, the end of the TRICARE contract with CVS Pharmacy may be a significant change for beneficiaries who have been using the pharmacy for their prescriptions. However, TRICARE is committed to providing access to affordable health care options, and beneficiaries will still be able to access medications through other pharmacy providers in the network. It will be important to keep up with any updates from TRICARE regarding the pharmacy program to ensure that you are informed about your options and can make the best decisions for your health care needs.